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If you have a home, especially one with an older brick and mortar or stonework chimney, you are more likely to need repairs to keep your chimney system looking good and working safely. Environmental elements such as temperature, precipitation, and shifting ground can affect your chimney’s working order, from crumbling mortar to cracks in the chimney’s foundation. The older a home is, the more likely that your chimney has some issues that will require restoration. We emphasize restoring an old fireplace whenever possible rather than simply tearing it down and rebuilding a new one with brand-new materials, as it allows us to salvage the usable materials (especially bricks and stonework) from your current chimney. This allows your chimney to maintain its unique character and complement the original look of your historic home. However, even newer homes with prefab fireplaces can require a repair or two, so we’ve broken down the primary issues and addressed how our trained system technicians can repair them: Chimney Leaks: If you have a chimney leak, you may have noticed wall or ceiling stains, warping drywall, mold growth, or even water damage. Chimney damage often begins at the roofline, where there is the most exposure to water, and then literally trickles down, creating issues in other elements of the home. Our trained technicians can address and treat these issues by identifying the best approach for each problem. Damaged or Missing Chimney Caps: The top of your chimney flue is a hole, larger for a fireplace and smaller for a furnace. A chimney cap serves to protect this opening from animals and the elements. If the chimney cap goes missing or is damaged, your chimney becomes exposed to nesting animals and can allow precipitation to fall directly down the chimney. Our technicians can effectively protect your chimney from blockages and water damage by repairing or replacing damaged or missing chimney caps, keeping your chimney system in the best working order.

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Liner Deterioration

Your chimney liner serves a vital purpose in your chimney system by channeling heat and gases up and out of the chimney and blocking the heat from causing combustible materials around the chimney from catching fire. If you have purchased an older home, your chimney may not even have a liner installed. Older homes did not have the same building safety standards in place as we currently do. If your home has a cracked, crumbling, or missing liner, we recommend not using the fireplace until a new liner can be installed. We have liners in several materials to best suit the needs of your chimney system.

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Mortar Joint Cracking

Mortar is porous, allowing it to absorb water. Over time and with the addition of freezing temperatures, water can expand in the mortar until the joints become cracked, often with chunks of mortar falling out completely. Our technicians can tuckpoint the damaged mortar, grinding and brushing out the joint, cleaning it, and refilling the area with new mortar. If damage has occurred in a larger section of the chimney, the entire section would be rebuilt.

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Damaged Chase Covers

While your prefab chimney may not have the other leak issues that stone and masonry chimneys can experience, an area exposed to leaks around the chase covers. If the chase cover has become damaged or rusted, our technicians will be able to measure for a replacement cover and install it for you.

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Chimney Brick Spalling

If you have a brick chimney, you may experience issues with brick spalling. Much like the makeup of mortar, the porous nature of brick allows it to absorb water, which can cause cracks in freezing temperatures, causing bricks to splinter and crumble. Brick spalling can ultimately damage the chimney flue. In the case of brick spalling, we will salvage and repair any useable bricks or replace unusable ones to keep the exterior of your chimney looking the best possible. We also offer a sealant that will help protect the brick, extending your chimney’s life and look.

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Cracked Chimney Crown

A leading cause of chimney leaks is cracks or damage to the chimney crown, which is the top of the chimney. The chimney crown was designed not to allow water to rest on the chimney, so when it becomes cracked, water is able to settle into the top of the chimney. Any of these issues can be repaired by one of our trained technicians with patching or repairing and further protected with the application of custom sealants, specifically designed for fireplace systems.


I called this morning to schedule a cleaning when my stove started up so badly it wouldn't burn, expecting to see a technician next week some time, but when they found out that my wood stove was my primary source of heat, they said they'd be out in half an hour. My stove is running like new, and the two technicians made zero mess and were so friendly and polite. And to top it all off, they were great with my dogs and two-year-old son.
Jennifer C.
Prompt, thorough and efficient! Starting with the first email I received (within 30 minutes of my email request being sent) all the way to Chris the technician taking care of inspecting and cleaning - top notch guys! You run your business like ALL business's should be - Thank you!
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I just received the best service from Emberstone Chimney Solutions! Chris serviced my chimney very quickly & was super professional. He took the time to take photos, and explain exactly what was going on! I would highly recommended to use this company for any chimney repairs!! Thank you so much for your help!

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