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If you have a home, especially one with an older brick and mortar or stonework chimney, you are more likely to need repairs to keep your chimney system looking good and working safely. Environmental elements such as temperature, precipitation, and shifting ground can affect your chimney’s working order, from crumbling mortar to cracks in the chimney’s foundation.

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About Emberstone

Professional Chimney Experts Providing Top Chimney Care

We specialize in finding the real cause of the chimney problems and providing solutions at the source, rather than treating the symptoms, our technicians want to earn repeat business with real repairs and education, not create more work by masking the root causes with temporary fixes.

About Emberstone

Chimney & Fireplace Safety Experts

Our technicians are highly educated and frequently trained on all safety measures required for providing lasting chimney + fireplace repairs. We take care of our professionals so they can provide expert care for you.

Chimney Inspections

Our inspection experts are certified to inspect any type of fireplace or chimney in your home or office.

Chimney Cleaning

Our cleaning professionals are trained to remove all dirt, creosote buildup, debris, and pests from your home or office chimney + fireplace.

Chimney Repairs

From chimney relining to advanced masonry repair, our professional chimney technicians have the skills needed to keep you safe and warm.

Fireplace Shop

With our enormous catalog of inserts, stoves, + fireplaces we guarantee that you will find the right heating solution for you.

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