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  1. Get the most out of your chimney + fireplace

    ... saving task that should be done every time the fire goes out and the smoke clears. This one simple trick will keep the draft out and ... is dirty the best chimney inspection professionals will clean it for you. There's really no reason not to have your chimney ...

  2. Installing Tempered Glass Doors on your Fireplace

    ... novelty can wear off if you have to wait for the fire to go out before you go to bed. Leaving a fire burning unattended is a major safety ... Step 5 > Insert The lead anchors for screws.  Clean up the brick dust leftover from drilling the lead anchor holes, make sure ...

  3. Incredibly Tall Chimneys: Perm State District Power Station - Russia

    ... not the case. Contrary to the initial plans, only three out of six boilers were launched, so only one pipe smokes. The second - to the ... I repeat, is astounding. Everything is huge. Everywhere is clean and tidy. Control panels - there are three of them at the state district ...


Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

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